Other Resources

National Consumer Law Center (NCLC) has a number of great resources for consumers and consumer advocates facing the Covid-19 Crisis. We also highly recommend you download Surviving Debt, a Washington Post Color of Month Book Pick that NCLC is making available to all for free during the COVID-19 emergency.

Below are additional resources for individuals facing hardship.

  1. Protecting Your Finances During the Coronavirus Pandemic (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau): https://www.consumerfinance.gov/coronavirus/
  2. Consumer Protection and COVID-19: Resources and Information (National Association of Consumer Advocates): https://www.consumeradvocates.org/consumer-protection-and-covid-19-resources-and-information
  3. Coronavirus and Dealing With Debt: Tips to Help Ease the Impact (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau): https://www.consumerfinance.gov/about-us/blog/coronavirus-and-dealing-debt-tips-help-ease-impact/
  4. Resources for Consumers impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak (Consumer Action): https://www.consumer-action.org/alerts/articles/resources-for-consumers-impacted-by-the-covid-19-outbreak
  5. Finding Legal Representation
    1. Find a Consumer Law Attorney (National Association of Consumer Advocates): https://www.consumeradvocates.org/find-an-attorney
    2. Find an Employment Attorney (National Employer Law Association): https://exchange.nela.org/memberdirectory/findalawyer
    3. Find a Bankruptcy Attorney (National Association of Bankruptcy Attorneys): https://www.nacba.org/find-an-attorney/
    4. Law Help: https://www.lawhelp.org/
    5. Find Legal Aid (Legal Services Corporation): https://www.lsc.gov/what-legal-aid/find-legal-aid
  6. America’s Credit Union: https://www.americascreditunions.org/
  7. Consumer Action: Resources for consumers impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak
  8. Consumer Federation of America: How Consumers Can Protect Their Financial Well-Being in These Uncertain Times
  9. Consumer Reports: Coronavirus Resource Hub
  10. National Consumer Law Center: Surviving Debt and COVID-19 & Consumer Protections
  11. National Fair Housing Alliance on COVID-19
  12. National Low Income Housing Coalition: Coronavirus and Housing/Homelessness
  13. Public Justice: Resources For Plaintiffs' Lawyers Facing Deposition Obstruction During COVID-19